International Women's Day

7:21:00 PM

Happy International Women's Day!

As we celebrate all the wonderful women making an impact in our lives today, I really wanted to take some time to reflect on all the incredible women who have truly helped make me into the person I am today.

I've been so lucky to grow up with a strong, empowered mother who taught me that I could be anything I put my mind to. And I know today isn't about men, but I'm grateful that my father and my grandfather on my mom's side were so supportive of my mom, my sister, and I chasing our own dreams, whatever those look like.

My mom is from Mexico, and she came to the U.S. to get her M.B.A. She's inspired me every step of the way, so much so that I'm now working on my own M.B.A. and will hopefully graduate this December.

I'm also thankful to all the incredible women teachers, professors, and coworkers, colleagues, and bosses. They have taught me how to stand up for myself and be strong. They have empowered me to be the woman I am today. And, if I'm being honest. I'm proud of that woman!

Recently, an old boss of mine told me something that stuck with me. I think more people need to hear it.

"As good as you think you are, you're even better. Go big. Take on the world. Don't ever settle. And, above all else, always be happy."

Whether you want to start your own company, climb the corporate ladder, be a stay at home mom, create a family, or make your own path, you can do whatever you want to and be whoever you want to be. Let today be a reminder that millions of women around the world are here to support you.

Outfit Details:
Even though spring is right around the corner, it definitely still feels like winter here in Albuquerque. I can't believe how cold it's been! So, I've been loving this classic plaid skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch. The color is one of my favorites for fall and winter, and I love that it can be dressed up or down depending on the type of look you want to create. I matched it with this plain white turtleneck and these over-the-knee black boots from JustFab.

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