Lavender Summer

1:26:00 PM

Happy Sunday!

I'm not gonna lie, the last few months in quarantine I've been practically living in loungewear and PJs. And, I've kinda been loving it! But, I think it's nice to throw on a good dress and a pair of heels every once in a while and just feel pretty. Even if it's for no particular reason!

This lavender one from Abercrombie & Fitch is my absolute favorite right now. I'm obsessed with everything lavender! 

And, I paired it with this bright yellow Kate Spade Robyn saddle bag. 


I seriously cannot believe that it's already July. This week, I've been doing a lot of reflecting on what this year has taught me so far. A few weeks before quarantine started, I was sitting in class and a professor said "if you truly want to know the value of something, try to imagine a world where it doesn't exist." At the time, he was talking about branding, but I had no idea how much those words would ring true in the coming months.

This whole experience has reminded me how much I value all the little things, like being able to get brunch with a friend, sitting in a classroom full of peers, walking into an office, and traveling to new places. It's also taught me the importance of truly appreciating every moment because things can change drastically in a single second. I never realized just how much I was taking for granted. When all of this is over, I hope I can carry these lessons throughout the rest of my life, and make sure I'm making the most out of living, seeing the people I love often, and telling them how much they mean to me.

Until then, I am so grateful to have my health, and friends and family who keep me sane (even if it's just virtually). Stay safe everyone!

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